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Hotmail Email Link Has spell check, place for phone and fax, Free access to 15 news offerings (includes financial services Quote.comand ClosingBell). It gives you 2 megs of storage so you'll have to clear your box often if you're real active. You'll need NetscapeNavigator 2.0, or up, to send attachments. 
Don't even need an ISP for this one because it's not web based (you can work out of your VW bus with a lap top and C-phone!). Has about 2.2 million users on 400 local numbers.
Juno Email Link
Net@ddress email lINK Reportedly the most user friendly to inexperienced users, but simplicity has a spell checker and you can read but not send attachments. Hey waddaya' want it's free
These folks give you e-mail AND your own homepage....for free!
Download evaluation copies of the number one virus protection software. Protect yourself and "your loved ones." know, C drive, etc.!
Compare 1,000,000 prices on 100,000 products.
The 'Holy Grail of downloads!! Check here first for anything from Microsoft products to gifs and java scripts. This is the ftp site for the major players.
Free for individual download and use, instantly plays live and 
on-demand RealAudio, RealVideo, and RealFlash animation.
! Thumper's wacky world of wavs. A free clip for any occasion!
If ya' ask nice he might put you on his email joke broadcast
The most complete shareware source on the Web!
Webmonkey is the leading online source for developer news, tips, and tutorials. Now, it's even easier to read, right from your mailbox.
Miami City Net
Search or browse the best South Florida Web Sites within 300 categories. Ad URL. or Shop @ Miami Mall